I-Lofar Radio Telescope & Visitor’s Centre, Birr, Co. Offaly

I-Lofar Radio Telescope & Visitor’s Centre


Birr, Co. Offaly




The Irish Low Frequency Array Radio (I-Lofar) Telescope is in Birr, Co. Offaly. LOFAR stations consist of hundreds of antennas spread across a field the same size as a football pitch. They pick up radio waves at frequencies from just above and below an FM radio at 10-90 MHz and 110-240 MHz. Once the radio waves have been detected, they are sent by fibre optic cables to a supercomputer centre in Holland where images are then created from them. This project involves the provision of a visitors centre at the site.

Scope of Works:

Fitzsimons Doyle and Associates are currently providing the following services for the construction of the I-Lofar Visitors Centre:

  • PSDP
  • Assigned Certifier
  • Civil/Structural engineer
  • Employers representative during construction
  • Planning permission amendments (Borrowpit)
  • Mechanical and Electrical performance specifications